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4/26 Game Thread: Braves (9-11) at Brewers (11-10)

We finish off the homestand with our best pitcher on the hill. Ben Sheets and his walk rate of zero takes on Jorge Sosa and his two-digit ERA. Ben's been great since he came back, though as usual he doesn't have anything to show for it in the win column. Sosa was a big part of the Braves success last year, filling out the rotation for the second half of the year, but he hasn't made it into the fifth inning in any of his three starts thus far.

Ned really mixes things up today: Gross in the leadoff spot, Cirillo second, with JJ down in the 7-hole. Didn't somebody predict yesterday that Cirillo would be starting at second today?

Starting Lineups
Braves Brewers
Marcus Giles - 2B Gabe Gross - CF
Ryan Langerhans - LF Jeff Cirillo - 2B
Chipper Jones - 3B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Andruw Jones - CF Carlos Lee - LF
Adam LaRoche - 1B Prince Fielder - 1B
Jeff Francouer - RF Corey Koskie - 3B
Brian McCann - C JJ Hardy - SS
Wilson Betemit - SS Chad Moeller - C
Jorge Sosa - P Ben Sheets - P

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Update [2006-4-26 20:52:19 by Jeff]: I mentioned earlier this week that the slumping Braves seem a lot like the recently slumping Brewers. Bats not waking up, inconsistent pitching from guys who are supposed to be great, lackluster defense from unlikely sources...well, same old, same old. That link takes you to the series wrap-up at Talking Chop, which is as depressing to read as, well, the sort of thing we'd be saying if we'd just been swept and six of our regulars were batting approximately .200.