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Mike Adams back to Nashville

It's not good form to start writing with a digression, but I'm going to do it anyway. I went to this Thai restaurant yesterday for lunch, and in addition to all the authentic Thai decorations, there was a big screen TV showing Nashville Star. The reality show. That would almost be on topic if I could say I thought of Mike Adams when that happened.

But I didn't. I just thought it was really strange. And not a good show.

Headline says it all: I'm not seeing an official link just yet, but Rotoworld has the scoop. Apparently Rick Helling is eligible to come back on Friday. I've said before how much I despise the idea of having thirteen pitchers on the active roster, but...I'm not sure what good another bench guy like Corey Hart or Brent Abernathy would do this team. And it wouldn't be fair to call Corey up again right now: the infected splinter in his butt is just starting to heal.

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Update [2006-4-26 20:16:12 by Jeff]: Here's the update, which has no other news. It mentions that Corey Hart is one option--I think if he were called up on Friday, it would give him exactly the 10 required days on the minor league roster.