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4/29 Game Thread: Brewers (12-11) at Cubs (13-8)

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The Brewers seems to have done a darn good job at running into good teams when they're hot. Let's hope today's game proves that either the Cubs aren't one of those teams, or that the Brewers can face down a good team on a streak and come away with a couple of wins.

Everybody's focus will be on Brewers starter Doug Davis, who currently sports a 7.66 ERA. And if you watched Davis's last start, in which he walked nine guys in five innings, you're probably surprised it's that low. Tom Haudricourt focuses on the changes Doug will make:

Through watching the tape, Davis noticed that he wasn't kicking his front leg out as far as in the past while delivering pitches. He said that minor glitch was easily correctable.

As for the mental part, Davis said, "It seems like I don't have problems throwing strikes early in the count. Later in the count, I pick, pick, pick, trying to make a perfect pitch.

"I'm thinking, 'Don't leave it here, don't leave it there,' instead of just hitting the mitt. I know better. It's just a matter of going out and doing it."

I'm sure he does know better, but I can imagine just how tough it is to get it done when so many things seem to be going wrong. For a finesse pitcher who gets a lot of strikeouts (Greg Maddux, anyone?), one little tweak can be the difference between great and awful. Let's hope today is the day Davis makes one of those necessary tweaks.
Starting Lineups
Brewers Cubs
Rickie Weeks - 2B Juan Pierre - CF
JJ Hardy - SS Ronny Cedeno - SS
Geoff Jenkins - RF Todd Walker - 1B
Carlos Lee - LF Aramis Ramirez - 3B
Prince Fielder - 1B Matt Murton - LF
Bill Hall - 3B Jacque Jones - RF
Damian Miller - C Jerry Hairston - 2B
Brady Clark - CF Henry Blanco - C
Doug Davis - P Glendon Rusch - P

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