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4/3 Open Thread: Game 1, Baseball that counts!

Man, am I excited.

First pitch, 1:05 CT.   going for the crew, Oliver Perez for the Pirates.  The Brewers lineup will probably look like this:

I don't know enough to predict the Pirates' lineup right now, but I'm sure Doug will have no problem with it.

There's not much new to read this morning, so if you're jonesing for a Brewers fix before the game starts, check out my link-o-rama from yesterday morning.  And be sure to catch up on the Derrick Turnbow deal!

As will be the case with every Brewers game throughout the season, you can use the comments of this thread to discuss the game as it happens.  (Or before it!)  I should be here for the duration of the game, and probably every pitch of far more games this year than I should.  I hope to see you here with us.

Go Brewers!  

Update [2006-4-3 17:14:30 by Jeff]: Brewers win, 5-2. Davis went 6 innings giving up 2 runs. Justin Lehr pitched the 7th and gets the win. Wise gets a hold, Turnbow the save. JJ Hardy 1st inning solo HR, Jeff Cirillo PH 2-run single, Carlos Lee 2R HR. 1st place!