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4/4 Link Roundup

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Lots of articles worth reading in the world of Brewdom, almost all of it good news.  Here we go...

Minor League rosters: All Brewers minor league rosters have been announced.  Here's an article about the new WV Power, and if you scroll down a ways here, you'll find the Brevard County Roster.  With Mark Rogers, Yovani Gallardo, and Ryan Braun among those playing for the Manatees, it looks like it'll be a heck of a season at Space Coast Stadium this year.

The Turnbow extension: Drew Olson reports on the rock star.  Call me a stupid optimist, but this is the kind of thing you really only read about on winning teams:

"I would pay money to come in here and watch him close games," Lehr said of his hard-throwing, shaggy-haired teammate. "It's awesome. The music cranks on. It's so much fun. Even when you play for a living, it's a blast. It's electric. The players love it. It makes it so much fun for us. It's awesome."

In other news, Deadspin took a potshot at Derrick, bringing up his suspension for banned substances.  I don't particuarly want to go through the whole story again--I believe Turnbow, that he didn't use steroids and only got caught using a supplement because he submitted to the stricter Olympics standards.

About that infield:  JJ Hardy likes turning double plays.  Not exactly breaking news, but good to hear.  And the Madison paper tells the tale of two Cirillos.  

Down to business: Mark Attanasio knows revenue-sharing is important.  We may be a small market, but ticket sales are up to 1.3 million, and the sales staff is still working on advertising deals beyond those already signed.

Sheets on his way:  Ben Sheets will pitch Huntsville's opener, and the brilliant Baseball Prospectus-ite Will Carroll has more good news:

Ben Sheets was placed on the DL. It's no ideal situation, but Sheets' prognosis is positive. Sources at his last outing in Arizona say he looked fluid, adjusting to his new musculature and regaining the hop on his mid-90s fastball. Sheets may not be the pitcher he was before his lat problems started; he might be better.

Pirates GM extended: For some reason, Dave Littlefield got a contract extension.  Uh, okay.  Charlie hates it, but I suppose I see the argument that Littlefield is hamstrung by a uninvested ownership group.  Once again, I'm just glad we've got Doug Melvin.

Still climbing: Jay Jaffe's Baseball Prospectus hit list puts the Crew at 12th, just behind the Cubs and four spots back of the Cardinals.  It's a little silly to have such a list on Opening Day, but I'll be looking for a steady improvement as the season goes on.  And it'll be fun to watch the Cubs fall.  

Instant Replay: I noted a while back that professional tennis is adopting instant replay.  After the first complete tournament, it looks to be a success.  I would like to hear what opponents like Roger Federer have to say, but this seems like a good sign.  The best part about the method tennis has adopted is that it doesn't seem to painfully slow down the game.

One last thing: Not sure how I missed this a few weeks ago, but Deadspin presents an entirely new way to show your team spirit.  Quite the rage in Japan.

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