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Wednesday morning Game Recap

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Two wins, no losses baby, sitting atop the NL Central standings all alone. Let's see about keeping it that way for, oh, another 160 games. You can read game recaps here and here. In the end, it was 7-5 Brewers, and that's all that counts. A few thoughts:

  • Chris Capuano looked really good. He missed with a few pitches, and we've always got to watch out for his HR rate--he gave one up to Sean Casey in the first--but good outing from Cappy.

  • Jose Capellan and Dan Kolb were each too shaky for my comfort level. Capellan's struggles show up in the boxscore: 3 runs in the eighth. Kolb's were quietier: a leadoff walk and three fly ball outs. Let's remember Kolb's magic is getting the ball on the ground--he didn't do that.

  • Derrick Turnbow was also less than perfect--certainly not quite the same guy who we saw Monday. He gritted it out, though, and if you come in without your best stuff, still hit 98 on the gun, and work a scoreless 9th, you're probably worth a few million.

  • Geoff Jenkins and Carlos Lee each look downright scary at the plate. Against the righty, Jenks started hitting the ball with authority. And Carlos--well, let's just say he looks like a man on a mission to get a $60m/5yr contract. Good luck to you, sir.

  • Gabe Gross, 6th inning pinch-hit HR--anybody doubt he should be on the roster right now?

  • Prince Fielder was the only starting position player not to join in to the Brewers 16-hit attack. He looks nervous and uncomfortable. I don't think anybody seriously doubts he'll hit, but he'll have to get over the jitters and smack one out.

Tonight, Tomo Ohka makes his first start of the season, against Zach Duke. Duke's a lefty, so we can look forward to seeing Bill Hall at third. I just hope Jenkins looks a bit better against Duke than he looked against Perez.

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