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4/6 World o' Links

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First, another round of applause for Doug Davis, Chris Capuano, and Tomo Ohka. Tom H offers just that, with plenty of praise from their pitching coach and manager. As we got used to last year, Doug Davis pitched just as well as anybody, but he's still winless. He'll get the W next time, I'm sure.

Also in the Journal-Sentinel, Drew Olson has a good article about JJ Hardy and his success so far. Lots of quotes from JJ about his approach at the plate.

I've already aired my worries about Derrick Turnbow pitching three days in a row, but he doesn't mind one bit. Of course. He wants to get back out there tonight. I hope that every once in a while the Brewers will manage a win without needing him!

$130 sounds like a lot of money, but it turns out you get a lot more for it at Miller Park than just about anywhere else in baseball. The Brewers rank 28th, just ahead of the Royals and...the article doesn't say who else. Maybe the D-Rays? Boston, of course, is the most expensive.

Interesting article at The Hardball Times using WPA to measure bullpen strength in 2005. Usually, teams go about .500 in 1-run games, but a skillful manager or a strong bullpen can tip the scales in the right direction. Last year? The Brewers? Wrong direction. Only seven teams in MLB were worse by this measure. We've done okay so far this year, but we're going to need more than three solid relievers to improve much on that number, no matter how great those three relievers are.

The Brewers blog From Robin to Rickie has been posting a variety of stats for the first series, including WPA and game score.

Speaking of relievers, we're not the only fans who've had to sweat it out with their closer on the mound. Larry Borowsky suggests a method of classifying saves depending on just how dominating (or not) the closer is. As soon as Retrosheet finishes up preparing 2005 game data, I can probably write a script to classify last year's saves into Larry's categories. It would be interesting to see just how consistent the "best" and "worst" closers are at shutting down games.

Nobody wanted to take on Junior Spivey's contract, so he's headed to the Minors. He'll be back relatively soon, but it sure hasn't been an easy couple months for Junior.

If you've never checked out the humor website Yard Work, today is a great time to start. YW's most recent article is penned by Bob Uecker, and Bob starts to sound a little more should I say this? A Reds fan:

The Cardinals are old and sad. Their death-throes will be loud, as that is the way of tyrants, and we may lose a battle or two in the new Busch Stadium. But we will hold Miller Park with every toenail and drop of blood in our bodies. We know our cause is just and right, whereas they have Sidney. Ponson. In. Their. Rotation.

We already see Houston slipping down the ladder -- wave goodbye to them as their ship sinks. Chicago puts up runs, but they are more like ruins, monuments to a system that no longer works. (Plus: Dusty.) There is no path for the Brewers but success. Any other outcome is inconceivable.

Funny stuff. I'm amazed at the sheer number of articles these guys have come up with. Not all of them hit the mark, but it you have some free time, it's worth browsing at length.

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