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4/7 Game Recap

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Another great pitching performance, another great game, another big win for the Crew. Game recaps are here and here. The highlights:

  • Did I mention Dave Bush? Seven innings, two hits, one run, seven strikeouts, two walks. Simply awesome.

  • Matt Wise and Derrick Turnbow each contributed a close-enough-to-perfect inning. Apparently D-bow won't be called upon in today's game. I'd say he's done his part this week. Let's hope a blowout makes the point moot.

  • Let's sum up the Brewers pitching for the last week. Four games, ten runs (nine earned) allowed. Take out the one dreadful inning by Jose Capellan on Tuesday and you're down to seven (six earned). Starters have pitched 26 innings, giving up a grand total of six earned runs. The late-inning corps of Kolb, Wise, and Turnbow have given up nothing except for a few years off of some Brewers fans lives. It's true that the Pirates and Diamondbacks don't exactly have the most frightening offenses in the league, but that hasn't stopped them from scoring off of us before.

  • Milwaukee only managed four hits last night, but there are couple silver linings to that. First, we tacked on four walks to that total. D-Backs pitching only managed five K's (one of those was Dave Bush), which isn't exactly a record-setting effort by the Brewers, but it's a step in the right direction.

  • Finally, great to see that Prince got another hit. I haven't watched the condensed game yet, but I can't wait to see the play in which he was picked off. Let's hope that's a one-of-a-kind occurence.

Today's game is at 1:05 CT, Doug Davis against Brandon Webb. I'll put up a game thread in a bit.

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