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4/9 Game Thread: Diamondbacks (2-3) at Brewers (FIVE AND OH, BABY!)

Can we make it six in a row? With former D-Back Chris Capuano on the hill against Claudio Vargas, I like our chances. A few notes to check out before the game begins, or during a commerical break: good stuff on Daron's blog about Dave Bush's and Derrick Turnbow's repertoires; funny story about the young Marlins on the road in the big leagues for the first time; and here's the open thread for tonight's Cubs-Cards game, putting on display each team's Achilles Heel.

In case you missed it at the bottom of yesterday's thread, Matt L was at the game and has some good observations. Sadly, I'm only going to be around for the first hour or so of today's game...a friend of mine has a concert this afternoon. Good friend, or good Brewers fan? Tough September, I'm going with the latter. Here are today's starting lineups:

Starting Lineups
D-Backs Brewers
Craig Counsell, SS Brady Clark - CF
Damion Easley - 2B JJ Hardy - SS
Chad Tracy - 3B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Luis Gonzalez - LF Carlos Lee - LF
Conor Jackson - 1B Corey Koskie - 3B
Eric Byrnes - CF Rickie Weeks - 2B
Johnny Estrada - C Prince Fielder - 1B
Jeff DaVanon - RF Damian Miller - C
Claudio Vargas - P Chris Capuano - P