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Monday afternoon linkage

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Lots of good Brewers reading out there. Let's start with some congratulations. Chris Capuano, possibly the most deserving awardee ever (okay, that's exaggerating--but just a little) has been named NL Player of the Week. As if the shutout yesterday wasn't enough, it followed a seven-inning, one-run, one-walk performance. That's one walk in sixteen innings. Positively Sheetsian.

Cappy's shutout yesterday means that if it weren't for Greg Maddux, he'd be leading the league in just about everything. His WHIP is a Gagne-esque 0.86, his ERA a Cy-Young worthy 2.36, and his first six starts have all been of the quality variety. Most have far exceeded that threshhold.

Jeff Passan, the new-ish Yahoo Sports columnist, checks in on those surprising Brewers. Here's a great quote from Rickie Weeks:

"Why wait until next year?" second baseman Rickie Weeks said. "Honestly, some guys get into the playoffs early in their career, and before they know it, they're retired and they've never made it back. I want it now."

Few more things: Anne Stratton returns to with with riffs on JJ Hardy and facial hair. Hardy seems to be all the rage with the ladies, but I just don't get it. Maybe it's because someone once said I looked a little bit like Derek Jeter, and no one's said I look like Hardy. Here's some news of Rick Helling's slow road back. It's amazing to think that this is the first time he's taken a break from his throwing routine in his entire big league career. And this is a great story from the J-S about a guy who made a second career out of strength & conditioning, and is now in the big leagues doing it.

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