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5/1 Game Thread: Astros (16-8) at Brewers (14-11)

When we went to Houston a couple weeks back, I made some remark about the Astros punchless offense. And, of course, that "punchless offense" punched the crap out of Brewer pitching. So, I would like to say, on the record, how much respect I have for the Astros bats. I mean, they couldn't be more punchy if they brought in ...uhh, Eric Munson? Ahh yes, Brad Ausmus is out of the lineup tonight, and for the first time in his Major League career, I'm actually happy about that.

It's the Ohka-coaster for Milwaukee, unfortunately following up a solid start. Wandy Rodriguez, an equally iffy proposition, goes for the Astros. While you wait for the game to start, I strongly urge you to scroll down: lots of great reading from my colleagues from today and yesterday.

Starting Lineups
Astros Brewers
Craig Biggio - 2B Rickie Weeks - 2B
Willy Taveras - CF JJ Hardy - SS
Lance Berkman - 1B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Morgan Ensberg - 3B Carlos Lee - LF
Preston Wilson - LF Prince Fielder - 1B
Jason Lane - RF Bill Hall - 3B
Eric Munson - C Damian Miller - C
Adam Everett - SS Brady Clark - CF
Wandy Rodriguez - P Tomo Ohka - P

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