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5/10 Game Thread: Brewers (17-16) at Padres (17-16)

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I think that after sweating through 's outing last night, and probably sweating through the first several innings of tomorrow's game, we deserve a solid, K-tastic, dominating performance tonight from . And I wouldn't mind scoring about 13 runs off of Chan Ho Park, either.

You all probably know by now that is on the DL again. That means will probably start Saturday. (Hey, look: Dana's split stats!) Will Carroll chimes in on the Sheets and injury situations:

The Brewers are hanging around the .500 mark and yet somehow it seems disappointing. The expectations were ... well, there were expectations, and that's something new for the Brewers. They've gotten this far in large part because of their medical staff and approach, so injuries to Prince Fielder and Ben Sheets have to be looked at in context. Both fall far short of serious, but the smart approach in both--Fielder has a mild groin strain, Sheets has some tightness in his shoulder--is caution. I wonder if Cal Ripken or even Lou Gehrig has something to do with the culture that values 162 well above a productive 130 or 140. Fielder will miss a couple games at most while the Brewers will shuffle their rotation to push Sheets back.
This is a great point. We know that last year Jenkins played through lots of pain, and perhaps the decision was made at some point that it would be better to go that route than to miss a few weeks and deal with the problem. But what would you rather have? Prince in top form for 140 games, or Prince grinding it out for 160? If the latter means he plays through the likes of what did last year...I vote no.

While you wait for the game to start (9:05 CT), check out John's WPA graph of last night's game, and see how the baby Brewers fared in yesterday's action. And--almost forgot--spend some quality time with the Minor League Splits Database. Go Brewers!

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