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5/12 Game Thread: Mets (22-12) at Brewers (17-18)

A comment at Amazin' Avenue got me thinking:

I'm sure brewers fans have more to worry WRT starting pitching about these days than we do.

I don't know if he's right--I mean Jose F. Lima is starting for the Mets tonight, and Jeremi Gonzalez goes tomorrow.  But I do know that these first two games are completely unpredictable.   could throw a shutout, we've unfortunately discovered...he could get shelled.  I don't think the Brewers--however streaky we may be--are in danger of a Lima shutout, but you just never know with that guy.

Tomorrow's even more unpredictable: Gonzalez started all of three games last year, and until a rash of injuries struck, he was the #3 or #4 guy in Norfolk, for crying out loud.  , of course, will be making his first start in the bigs.  

And this (cliche alert!) is why they play the games.  These two games ought to be nothing if not interesting.   is starting at short today, leading off, and hanging out in the #8 slot, just ahead of Dave Bush, who probably still has a higher batting average than Brady does.  Go Brewers!    

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