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Lefty madness

Today the Brewers traded away former Rule 5 pick Enrique Cruz (and a PTBNL) for Rangers lefty Brian Shouse. Shouse is your typical older lefty specialist who probably would be long retired if he threw with the other hand.

He had a very nice 2004 season in Texas, and judging by BAA (as well as taking into account The Ballpark in Arlington), he wasn't so bad in '03 or '05 either. Rotoworld speculates that this is the end of 's current stay in Milwaukee. Because Shouse needs to go on the 40-man, was moved to the 60-day DL to open up a spot.

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Update [2006-5-13 20:50:33 by Jeff]: Here's the story from, including a few comments on Vince Perkins, who had Tommy John surgery a couple of days ago.