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5/13 Game Thread: Mets (22-13) at Brewers (18-18)

Jeremi Gonzalez makes his first Major League start of the year for the Mets, and makes the first Major League start of his career for the Brewers. (Hey, look: Dana's split stats!) The bats came alive last night, so Ned is going with the same batting order tonight, while Willie Randolph is plugging in a couple of relacements: Chris Woodward for Kaz Matsui, and Jose Valentin in left for Cliff Floyd.

Interesting side note from last night's game: according to Lee Sinins, Jose Lima has moved "up" to second worst on the career RSAA (Runs Saved Above Average) list. I don't know anything about how that stat is calculated, but I think it means Jose Lima is pretty bad. Jeremi Gonzalez probably has several years to go to reach that kind of level, but here's to giving him a boost tonight.

Go Brewers!

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