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MLSD update: Team and League splits now available

This evening I completed an update to my script which generates batting and pitching stats for each team and league. It's only available so far for Triple-A, but within the next day or two, as I update the remaining levels, those team and league splits will become available as well.

For example, here are pitching splits for the entire Pacific Coast League. Of more immediate interest, check out the aggregate batting statistics for the Nashville Sounds. Nothing too dramatic, but it appears the team is quite a bit stronger against righties, and much better at home. In contrast, the pitchers are a model of consistency--the staff basically holds lefties and righties to the same batting average, and performs about the same at home and on the road. With two outs and/or with runners in scoring position, they improve somewhat, allowing an OPS of only .629 w/RISP.

Anyway, enjoy the new data. Much more to come.