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Another minor move

It's the end of an era: has been DFA'd. Taking his place on the 40-man roster, Chris Mabeus has been claimed off waivers from the Oakland A's. I wouldn't be surprised if Fernandez goes unclaimed and remains a Nashville Sound.

I don't think this amounts to much: Mabeus has a pretty good Minor League track record, but he's 27 and hasn't yet pitched in the bigs. However, Doug Melvin and his scouting corps are usually right about this sort of thing, and I certainly don't mind running the risk of parting ways with Jared if there's a good replacement to be had.

Also, I've had this link bookmarked for a few days waiting for an appropriate time to bring it up: Travis Phelps is back in the organization. As you'd know if you read John's Minor League report from this morning, he had a solid outing for Huntsville last night. Phelps didn't exactly beat up on the National League in his stint with the big club in '04, but you gotta root for a guy who is the lowest drafted player ever to reach the Major Leagues.

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