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5/16 Game Thread: Phillies (22-15) at Brewers (19-19)

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The Phillies are the hottest team in baseball. It's not even close. They've won 13 of their last 14, their first baseman is hitting game-winning home runs in the middle of debilitating illness, and they haven't seemed to notice that their centerfielder nearly killed himself. Understandably, they're all pretty happy over at The Good Phight.

But, powered by a fearsome lineup ( in center, behind the plate) and 2006 Cy Young Award winner on the hill, they have a new challenge ahead of them. Tonight the Crew faces Cory Lidle, the one pitcher to have lost in Philly's current streak. The Phils will be phortunate to phlee Milwaukee without having been phwacked by the proverbial broom.

As you wait for the game to start, check out:

Go Brewers!

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