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05/16/2006 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Top Win Expectancy shifts:
19.3% - David Bell's 7th inning, 1-out, 1-run double which tied the game at 2-2.
18.3% - getting thrown out at the plate for the second out of the 8th inning.
17.2% - 's 9th inning double to lead off the bottom of the inning.
13.7% - David Dellucci's 9th inning ground out, with runners on first and third, to end the inning.
11.8% - 's 9th inning fielder's choice, which led to Franklin's error which scored Bill Hall from third base.

If you are wondering why Bill Hall's scoring the winning run isn't listed, his scoring only was a win expectancy shift of 6.4%. At the time of the event, the Brewers already had a 93.6% win expectancy, so it was pretty much a given they were going to score.

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What is WPA?

Top Brewers' Current Hitting Streaks:
- 6 games
Bill Hall - 5 games

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