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5/17 Game Thread: Phillies (22-16) at Brewers (20-19)

Another day, another final-out respite from falling below .500. As you all know by now, is on the DL, leaving as the only real shortstop on the team. It also means Hall will be the most powerful #2 hitter in the game for a couple of weeks. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), Ned is going with in center in today's lineup. The Phillies also made a switch, playing David Dellucci in left and moving Ryan Howard up into the cleanup spot, giving Pat Burrell a day off.

Lots of stuff I want to point you to, starting with in-house articles:

Here's more:
  • Bengie Molina and Jose Molina stole bases off each other last night. I wish I had been watching. High comedy, that.
  • It looks like Ty Taubenheim will be called up and make his Major League debut this week for the Blue Jays. You may recall Taubenheim was part of the Overbay deal this past winter.
  • If you've got a BP subscription, check out Joe Sheehan's scouting report on a few Nashville players, including and , who he doesn't sound very high on.
  • And if you want to feel superior, head over to The Good Phight, where they pheel a bit phlagged after last night's Ryan Franklin phlub.
Go Brewers!

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