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Four straight one-run wins

What a game. in top form despite pitching in the sixth consecutive game, a great relief outing from , a not-disastrous outing from after an inauspicious start, and heroics from and . I don't want to get too excited just yet, but Clark has been on base in each of his last six plate appearances, and he was the difference at the plate today. If it wasn't for his patience against Hamels, the Crew might not have gotten on the board at all.

A few things I wanted to point out:

In a couple of hours I'm scheduled to chat with and Vinny Rottino, so if that goes as planned, I hope to have one of those transcripts posted late tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Update [2006-5-18 16:30:5 by Jeff]: One more thing: Kerry Wood made his first start of the year tooday against the Nationals. The game's not over, but Kerry's day is. It didn't go well.