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MLSD updated through games of 5/15

The Minor League Splits Database is now up-to-date for all leagues through games of May 15th. Also, league and team splits are now available for all leagues. To find those, go to any player's page.

Three side notes to those of you who may have noticed or are unusually interested in the workings of this project:

  1. For all leagues, there were (until tonight) discrepancies between league-wide batting splits and league-wide pitching splits. Those are now completely resolved, at least for the time being.

  2. In the process of fixing those bugs, I also identified a couple of mistakes that were causing some sacrifice bunts and some force plays to be classified as "Unknown" batted-ball types, instead of bunts and grounders, respectively. Those mistakes have been fixed as well, which drastically reduces the number of unknowns--instead of 200-400 per league, it's now more like 20-40.

  3. You may note the occasional 2-out GDP or 2-out sacrifice. Obviously those are mistakes. I know those are there--there aren't very many of them, and I have a pretty good idea what causes them. In the not-too-distant future I should fix all those problems.