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5/2 Game Thread: Astros (16-9) at Brewers (15-11)

It seems like only yesterday the Astros came to town, and now we're going for the sweep. Morgan Ensberg gets the day off for Houston in favor of Mike Lamb, and Brad Ausmus is back in the lineup. The big surprise in Ned Yost's lineup card is Bill Hall, batting sixth and playing centerfield. I figured he'd be in there somewhere today, but he subbed for Hardy yesterday, it's Koskie's turn to play third, and you can't take Weeks out of the lineup now, either. Should be fun to watch.

In other baseball news, Barry Bonds hit home run #712 today, making it all the more possible a big one will come at Miller Park. The Giants arrive tomorrow for another quickie series.

Go Brewers!

Starting Lineups
Astros Brewers
Craig Biggio - 2B Rickie Weeks - 2B
Willy Taveras - CF JJ Hardy - SS
Lance Berkman - 1B Geoff Jenkins - RF
Jason Lane - RF Carlos Lee - LF
Mike Lamb - 3B Prince Fielder - 1B
Preston Wilson - LF Bill Hall - CF
Brad Ausmus - C Corey Koskie - 3B
Adam Everett - SS Damian Miller - C
Fernando Nieve - P Ben Sheets - P

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