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5/20 Game Thread: Twins (18-24) at Brewers (22-20)

Tonight features Scott Baker against . Something tells me this one won't be a pitcher's duel through the first seven innings, though given my track record making in-game predictions, just watch: Ben will throw a shutout. (Hey, I'm jinxing my jinx!)

The Brewers lineup is a new one:

  1. Ben Hendrickson
I don't know why Chad's in the lineup; maybe Ned's trying to play the hot hand, what with Mr. Clutch's big performance on Thursday. At the moment, Weeks leading off and Clark second might make the most sense--really, with these two guys, I doubt if it matters much. Also, I'm sure we'll all continue to watch the quickness of Yost's hook, especially with Hendrickson on the mound and a very well-rested bullpen.

Go Brewers!

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