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Minor League Splits updated

The MLSD is now updated through games of May 19. I also fixed a bug that crept in: it caused the league player lists to omit the names of all pitchers. There are few things more frustrating than realizing an entire chunk of code isn't working right because I left out a right bracket. Luckily I suspected it was something stupid like that, and it was an easy fix.

Also, Eric of Amazin' Avenue brought something to my attention. Some players who have switched teams relatively recently do not appear on both of their teams' rosters. Here's why: while each league page and stat page is re-created and re-uploaded each time I update the database, the roster pages are not. It'd be a pain in the butt to update those each night, so because we're just talking about a handful of players, I haven't bothered. So, if you find yourself looking for someone who you really think should be there but isn't, try a) the league's player list (those are updated frequently) or b) the team stats page, and just scroll up or down, looking for the player you seek.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, I'm going to move the MLSD off of my slapdash hybrid of Brew Crew Ball and my personal Angelfire site onto something a bit more appropriate so that all pages will reflect each update.