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5/22 Game Thread: Brewers (23-21) at Reds (25-19)

Once again, we get face the National League jackhammer that has been Bronson Arroyo. I've seen speculation that he's having so much success because the National League isn't used to him, but there's evidence to dispute that:

The Brewers will be the fourth team Arroyo has faced twice this season. In three previous second-look games, he is 2-0 and has given up only one earned run in 24 innings.
starts for us. It seems like the key for him is somehow mixing his ability to throw lots and lots of strikes with the sense of when not to throw a strike right down the middle of the plate. Or "Madison Avenue," as Bob Uecker would say. Interesting fact, though: in nine starts, Bush has gone at least six innings each time. I wonder how many teams can sport two starters about whom you can say that. I'm quite sure that Milwaukee is the only team with two such starters and a nine-man bullpen.

While you're here, stay awhile. We'll keep you entertained:

Go Brewers!

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