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Doug Melvin, if you are near a phone, place a waiver claim.

Did I mention this is urgent? Colter Bean, long-buried Yankee reliever, has been designated for assignment. He was called up to fill a roster spot for a couple of days in pinstripes, and the Yanks are DFAing him even though they don't have to.

Why does Doug need to make the call?

  • Exhibit A: He's been nasty this year. Almost 13 K's per nine against righties. That whimpering sound you hear is weeping.

  • Exhibit B: This is nothing new. '05 was a bit of an off-year for him, but he was darn near unhittable in AAA in '03 and '04. He's still 29, and because the water fountain near Joe Torre's office is poisoned with crazy-juice, the Yankees are keeping Scott Erickson instead of him.

Again: Free Colter Bean! Let him roam free amongst friends...fellow former-rejects , , , and .

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