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Wednesday afternoon linkage

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A few things I wanted to point out on the web this week:

  • Here's an analysis of at, which sees him on the downslope of his career.

  • Daron Sutton offers some of the suggestions he's heard for a nickname for this year's Crew. Plenty of options, not all horrible, but none are in the same league as the Cream City Crushers. I don't even see why we're still debating this.

  • If you've closely followed news out of Nashville, you'll know about their "Faith Nights," which sometimes include bobbleheads of--get ready for this--biblical figures. I'm surprised to find that the same promotions will be tried in the big leagues. Not Milwaukee just yet, but the company that started it all in Nashville is in talks with the Braves and Diamondbacks.

  • On Sunday, hit a grand slam that wasn't. I'm sure plenty of confusion ensued on the field and in the stands, but not as much as it did for the guy who had to keep the gamelog for Minor League Baseball:

    • The bases were loaded when Nelson Cruz hit his home run, but the runner from 1st passed the runner from 2nd near home plate. DWare choked on the code; OA play is the workaround.
    • Brent Abernathy out at home, catcher Rob Johnson.
    • Nelson Cruz homers (10) on a fly ball to left field. Tony Gwynn scores. scores.

  • According to Gord Ash, quoted at, there may be quite a bit more bullpen shuffling. was mentioned by name (by Adam McCalvy, not Ash), and it would seem to be only a matter of time before we meet pitcher #22.

  • Here's an interesting article, also by McCalvy, about , a.k.a. "The Good King." He didn't exactly impress when he came out of the pen and threw six straight balls last night, but watching him face a couple of batters, you can see why he has had some success: great movement and a 2004-Kolb-esque sink on just about everything.

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