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5/24 Game Thread: Brewers (23-23) at Reds (27-19)

Somehow, the Crew has managed to avoid falling below .500 for quite a while. Let's hope finds the strike zone (except, perhaps, against Ken Griffey) and the Crew finds its way back into the win column.

I'm working on a Prospectus Notebook piece on the Cubs to run Friday, which has given me some perspective. You may be frustrated with our bullpen; maybe you're fed up with Ned Yost and his occasional mishaps; perhaps you just want more consistency.

Repeat after me: "I am not a Cub fan."

Feel better? Good. Back to business: with lefty Brandon Claussen on the mound, is batting second and playing third (and going four for five). Claussen has had a somewhat rough season so far, but it hasn't been quite as bad as Davis's. Let's hope that Davis's solid outing isn't ruined by Yost leaving him out there for too long--despite Eveland's short start yesterday, there are still five guys in the bullpen who didn't pitch yesterday. And tomorrow's a day off.

Go Brewers!

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