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Jorge de la Rosa to start on Tuesday

Andy Jasner is reporting that Jorge de la Rosa will get the start on the 30th at Pittsburgh, rather than newly-acquired Jeremi Gonzalez.

"I'm just going to give De La Rosa a shot now," Yost said. "He's been pitching good. We made up our mind on De La Rosa before the Gonzalez trade."

This is completely unexpected. I think everyone, including ESPN, assumed that they were trading for Gonzalez as a starter.

While Gonzalez, 31, was 0-0 with a 7.71 ERA in three starts for the Mets this season, Yost plans to use Gonzalez in a relief role.

I think this is great news. De la Rosa has four above-average pitches and could really blossom as a starter, once stretched out. Of course, he could also lay a giant egg, but I'd rather take the high-risk, high-reward guy right now than the known-quanity, replacement level one.

The first couple starts will no doubt be rather short affairs, but obvious the Brewers know this, and giving him one start implies a committment to giving him several, which is great. Stay tuned.

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