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Hernan Iribarren: The next Dave Krynzel?

It wasn't a good day in Brevard County. , a second baseman on the 40-man roster, got ejected for using a corked bat:

Iribarren was ejected by the home-plate umpire in the seventh inning of Brevard County's 10-9 12-inning win against Daytona after his bat cracked, and pieces of cork came flying out--with farm director Reid Nichols in attendance.

"It really didn't matter if I was there or not--this was unprofessional from the start regardless of whether anyone from the organization was there," Nichols said. "We are all very disappointed and this is obviously something we don't condone."

It is unclear how long Iribarren, who was 0-for-3 on the night, had been using his corked bat. But it wasn't helping him generate power, something that has always been missing from the slap-and-dash middle infielder's game. Through 174 at-bats, Iribarren was hitting .287/.323/.356 with nine extra-base hits, including one homer.

"It was drilled and corked through," Nichols said. "He apologized to his teammates and the staff, but this is inexcusable. It's embarrassing to him and it's embarrassing to the organization."

No Minor Leaguer can be all that thrilled about being stuck behind a top-notch young player like , and it couldn't have helped that Iribarren's star had faded somewhat even independent of Weeks's arrival. But this...well, it may mean Hernan can be safely taken off the 40-man roster, opening a spot for another reliever.

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