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5/31 Game Thread: Brewers (26-26) at Pirates (18-34)

For what seems like about the tenth time this season, the Brewers have slumped to fall back to .500. For what also seems like the tenth time, will head to the mound to stop the slide. Despite the brutality with which the Pirates have attacked Milwaukee pitching, I like his odds.

Capuano, as I've mentioned several times in the past, is the only rotation regular in MLB to have made a quality start in every opportunity this year. Amazingly, his 7-inning, 3-ER outing last week raised his ERA, which now stands at 2.88.

Daron Sutton went on and on last night about how the Brewers really need strong outings from Capuano and Bush, apparently to save the beleaguered bullpen. I agree that it's time a starter kept us in the ballgame for more than five outs, but frankly I'm not that worried about overworking the bullpen--we've got eight options, six of whom are about equally mediocre right now, and if we need reinforcements, it's not like there aren't other mediocre options in Triple-A.

Speaking of mediocre options, check out the box score from last night's game in Nashville. struck out 10 in seven innings, giving up three hits, two walks, and one run. He was outpitched, however, by Rich Hill--yeah, the same Rich Hill who managed a Major League ERA in the sevens so far this year. Hill pitched 8 innings, gave up two hits, and struck out fourteen.

And, speaking of strikeouts...a few adjustments to the Nashville roster before tonight's action. Graham Koonce, first baseman and former PCL MVP, was signed to replace , who is headed down to Huntsville after struggling all year against Triple-A pitching. Also, Zach Sorenson is returning from the DL and to make room, Milko Jaramillo, recently signed from the same indie circuit that Koonce has been part of, is going to ride down to Huntsville with Nelson.

Go Brewers! (And, because no one ought to suffer through a 12-game losing streak unless they are piloted by Dusty Baker: Go Stars!)

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