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5/4 Game Thread: Giants (14-13) vs. Brewers (15-13)

Amazing how fast things can change. 48 hours ago, we were coming off a series sweep of the Braves, a series win at Wrigley, and a nice victory over the Astros. Two days, one starter to the DL and one lame ace later...ugh.

Today, of course, is when we'll turn it around, a mere half hour from now. The Giants lineup looks much less imposing without Barry Bonds, though I'm going to refrain from making any snarky comments about anyone in it. I've found that the object of my snark invariably turns in his best performance in recent memory or hits a game-winning home run. So, San Francisco Giants: I salute you and your offensive prowess.

Let's hope the good, strike-throwing Doug Davis shows up today and...go Brewers!

Starting Lineups
Giants Brewers
Randy Winn - LF Rickie Weeks - 2B
Steve Finley - CF Bill Hall - SS
Todd Greene - C Geoff Jenkins - RF
Moises Alou - RF Carlos Lee - LF
Pedro Feliz - 3B Prince Fielder - 1B
Lance Niekro - 1B Corey Koskie - 3B
Kevin Frandsen - 2B Damian Miller - C
Jose Vizcaino - SS Brady Clark - CF
Brad Hennessey - P Doug Davis - P

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