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Eveland Not Called Up

The Brewers haven't announced who they're going to call up to take Tomo Ohka's roster spot, but by allowing Dana Eveland to start tonight's game in Nashville, it's apparent that it won't be him. This means that in all likelihood, Ben Hendrickson is going to get the start on Saturday, working on short rest after throwing 78 pitches on Tuesday.

Update [2006-5-4 21:20:5 by battlekow]:
I didn't see Adam McCalvy's piece on the Brewers' website. The Brewers have recalled Jared Fernandez but not yet announced whether he or Hendrickson will start on Saturday, or even if it will be one of those two:

"That's not all the options," a cryptic Brewers manager Ned Yost said before boarding the team charter to Los Angeles. "I'll wait, make my mind up -- maybe -- tomorrow. We've got time."

Well, I don't believe him. Hendrickson and Fernandez are the only options, and given those options, I'm praying for rain.

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