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5/6 Game Thread: Brewers (16-14) at Dodgers (13-17)

I think that the less said about last night's game, the better. For the pessimist, there are many things to point to that explain why this team will never amount to anything. I prefer to focus on a comeback that almost won the game despite an opposing starting pitcher who looked nearly unhittable. Oh--and that's another quality start for Chris Capuano.

Tonight won't be any easier. Brad Penny has been pitching even better than Derek Lowe has up to this point, and we're relying on a starter who wasn't even one of the seven contestants for the starting rotation in Spring Training. However, Ben Hendrickson had a great outing in his one appearance with the big club this year, and if he gives us 4 1/3 innings today with only one unearned run, I'd say he's done his job. I'll take more, though...

As is usual in Los Angeles, this is a game for the night owls--9:10 CT.

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