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5/9 Game Thread: Brewers (16-16) at Padres (17-15)

For the Crew, it's the recently rejuvenated (or perhaps still in need of rejuvenation, if strikeout and walk ratios are to be believe) Doug Davis, against the young Clay Hensley, who you might not have even heard of if you hadn't read battlekow's series preview from earlier today.

Jeff Cirillo is starting at first and batting sixth, with Corey Koskie moving up to the five slot. I guess Prince Fielder's minor injury is a bit more serious than has been let on. (I really don't want to have to use that phrase--"more serious than has been let on"--anymore. Ever. Unless we're talking about Kerry Wood or something.)

The game starts an hour from now, at 9:05 CT. In the meantime, scroll down for all the Brewers commentary you may have missed. Everybody's been writing up a storm...except for me :). Go Brewers!

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