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De la Rosa Disabled

Jorge de la Rosa has been put on the 15-day DL, suffering from blister problems and apocalyptic visions.  Carlos Villanueva is back up from Huntsville and either he or Jeremi Gonzalez will start on Wednesday.  Given that Gonzalez was unable to pitch yesterday because of shoulder tendonitis, I'd have to say Villanueva is the odds-on favorite to become, what, the tenth Brewer pitcher to start a game this year?  Sheets, Davis, Capuano, Ohka, Bush, Hendrickson, Eveland, de la Rosa, Jackson and now Villanueva/Gonzalez.  It's getting pretty ridiculous, isn't it?  Also ridiculous:

De La Rosa said after the game that he first noticed them while warming up in the bullpen, and said, through bullpen coach and translator Billy Castro, that "blood started shooting out of there" in the second inning.

Television closeups showed blood on De La Rosa's uniform pants.

"He wasn't saying anything when we went out to check [in the fourth inning]," Yost said. "I just noticed he kept looking at it. When I went out there, I could see that it was cracked open and I asked him if he felt it, and he said, 'It's not bothering me a bit.'"

It is unbelievable that Yost left de la Rosa in the game to finish his self-immolation after standing less than a foot from him and observing his bleeding finger personally.  Of course de la Rosa said he was fine!  The pitcher always says he's fine!  That's why there's a manager, to manage!

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