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6/11 Game Thread: St. Louis (36-25) @ Milwaukee (30-33)

Dave Bush vs. Jeff Suppan today. Suppan kills the Brewers; he's 11-2 with a 3.40 ERA in 17 career games against them and even better at Miller Park, where he's 5-0 with a 1.13 ERA. Bush, though is no slouch at Miller Park either, with a 2.20 ERA in six starts there vs. 7.14 (!) on the road. I guess we'll see which trend blinks first.

If you're looking for a stat upon which to hang your frustrations about the Brewers' bipolar season, I've got one for you. The Brewers are last in baseball in ERA with the bases empty at 3.07, almost a third of a run worse than Kansas City. Think back to Matt Wise's performance the other night against San Diego, allowing back-to-back solo home runs right after the Brewers took the lead, or Doug Davis' the next day, allowing a solo home run right after the Brewers had tied the game. It doesn't get more frustrating than that, blown 6-0 leads notwithstanding.

In the good news department, Bill Schroeder is apparently out today, with Gord Ash, the Round Mound of Profound himself, filling in.

Rotoworld seems to think that Brady Clark missing a few games, which he presumably will, is also good news, but that depends on whether or not Corey Hart (good thing) or Gabe Gross (wash/bad thing) gets the starts. Clark has been hitting very well lately, as everyone other than the guy writing those news updates has noticed.

Go Brewers!

Update [2006-6-11 13:42:58 by battlekow]: Gabe Gross in center, Chad Moeller catching.