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6/13 Game Thread: Brewers (31-34) at Reds (36-28)

Sorry about the lack of a game thread yesterday--looks like there might've been a miscommunication here at Brew Crew Ball HQ.  I'm spending the week in Dallas and I'm without a wireless connection, so I'm a bit out of touch, but I wanted to mention a few things.

  • Congratulations to Zach Jackson on his first Major League win!  From my chat with him a couple of weeks ago, I suspected Zach was a very mature pitcher for his age, and this comment on his four HRs allowed only solidifies my suspicion:
    "That's the kind of pitcher I am," said Jackson, who challenged the NL's more homer-reliant lineup. "I'd rather make them earn it. If that's what happens, I give up a couple of runs, so be it."
  • One thing that confuses me a bit about Jackson: I watched his last outing, and he looked to fool the Padres out of the windup, with his funky Dontrelle-esque motion, but he appeared to be much less deceptive out of the stretch.  Maybe it's just not that simple--it certainly appears that way after he gave up three bases-empty dingers last night.

  • ESPN's recap of last night's game points out that Carlos Lee is on pace to shatter Barry Bonds's all-time record of 36 road HRs.  Last night's shot was Carlos's 15th away from Miller Park, which puts him on pace to exceed 40 on the season.

  • Speaking of Carlos, I've been thinking more about trading options.  I hope the Angels find their way back into the middle of the AL West race, because I'm convinced they're the perfect trading partner.  They have one too many starting pitchers--they might send Jered Weaver down to the minors after tonight's start--and boatloads of prospects.  I'd be very tempted in a couple weeks to do something like Caballo for Jeff Weaver, Jeff Mathis, and another B prospect, preferably also named Jeff.

  • Last night I went to see some AA Texas League baseball in Frisco, just north of Dallas.  Frisco, the Rangers's affiliate, was starting Thomas Diamond, a solid prospect, but I was much more excited about seeing Frisco's starting shortstop: Enrique Cruz!  Enrique can really hit that double-A pitching: he walked with the bases loaded in the second and tripled in the fourth.  I think he saw my Brewers hat and was inspired.

Tonight it's Doug Davis vs. Bronson Arroyo, and I think Arroyo is due for a horrible outing, and Double-D is due for double-digit strikeouts.

Go Brewers!