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6/18 Game Thread: Indians (31-36) at Brewers (34-35)

This afternoon, the Brewers have a chance to:

  • pull within seven games of the NL-Central leading Cardinals;

  • close the gap to 2.5 games from the NL Wild Card-leading Reds;

  • sweep the Indians;

  • help Zach Jackson to his second career Major League win

  • re-establish dominance on the NL home run leaderboard;

  • improve on their 21.7 chance of making the playoffs;

  • out-spectacle yesterday's 17-inning marathon in Oakland, and perhaps continue on their way to their own 9-game winning streak.

...not to set the bar high, or anything.  (JINX! JINX! JINX!)  Go Brewers!

Update [2006-6-18 13:1:8 by Jeff]: The Reds have released Alex Sanchez. Unfortunately, this makes them a little harder to catch.