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Some Interesting Friday Links

Just some random things about our Brewers from around the Internet....

  • Now this is funny.  I feel like I have the right to laugh and make fun of the Royals since this article could've been directed at the Brewers not so many years ago.
  • Prospect guru Kevin Goldstein over at had some good notes about the Brewers' minor league system this week (subscribers only).  Not much new here, since we're already spoiled by John's minor league notes here at BCB.  There are some interesting tidbits, though, like Goldstein talking about - "PECOTA and scouts agree that righthander + fringy stuff = not much."  He also notes that despite 's current deficiencies with the glove, "his bat will play anywhere".  Finally, in some more hope for the future, he says about the Crew's Low A team, "Man, the Brewers have some good young players, as the Power lineup has some more interesting bats who still aren't old enough to drink."
  • has finally put out a beta version of Mosaic.  Is anyone using this?  Any thoughts yet?  I haven't had a chance to sit down with multiple games at once yet, but I'm expecting plenty of bugs.  Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Anyone remember this game? has a great article (again, subscribers only) about the greatest single game comebacks using Win Expectancy of the past 35 years.  This Brewers/Cubs debacle ranks 3rd.  Wow.  Oh where have you gone, Jim Bruske?  Did I mention that if you don't subscribe to BP, you should?
Have a great weekend everyone!  Hopefully the Crew will bounce back and take the series with the Nationals.  John and I are headed out to the park on Saturday for our bobbles.

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