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6/21 Game Thread: Tigers (really effing good) at Brewers (um...)

Actually, the Tigers are at 48-24, which gives them the best winning percentage in baseball, 4 more wins than the second best team in baseball, and 7 more wins than any other team in the AL.

Don't you think they have enough?  Yeah, me too.

We're trying to avert a sweep here, with the help of Chris Capuano.  It's very important that the Crew wins this game, because if we don't, we're no better than the Cubs, who were swept by the Tigers before they took the short drive up I-94.  For the Tigers, it's Nate Robertson, who has ridiculous glasses and a 3.43 ERA.

It would be nice to get some momentum going, because a) I don't want to think about the last two games, ever again, and b) Milwaukee's schedule eases up quite a bit on Friday, with consecutive series against the Royals, the Cubs and the Twins.  

Go Brewers!