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Melvin chat hosted a chat with Brewers GM Doug Melvin today.  Nothing too shocking, but I did like this exchange:

mike_goeden: What do you think about Jeff Cirillo?

Melvin: Hi Jeff, I know that is you asking this question. I think you are goofy, but you are also a very key part to our ballclub. He is great in the clubhouse with our young players, but also performs in a lot of clutch situations and prepares himself well physically and mentally for his role in the ballclub.

This is also interesting:

ajay: Why haven't the Brewers brought up a third catcher? I want to see someone pinch-hit for Chad Moeller when the game is on the line.

Melvin: One reason we didn't call up a third catcher is because we had 13 pitchers and if you are pinch-hitting a third catcher, it weakens your bench because you are always holding him back to pinch-hit for one guy.

That seems like a ridiculous oversimplification, not to mention just plain untrue.  And, with only 12 pitchers now, is a 3rd catcher a possibility?