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6/23 Game Thread: Brewers (36-37) at Royals (22-49)

Dave Bush (4-6, 4.81) for us, Bobby Keppel (0-3, 3.64) for them.  On paper, the records suggest that we should have an easy time with the Royals; common sense chimes in as well.  On the other hand, the Royals have won four straight, beating the same Pirates team that has so confounded the Crew.

Keppel has been very good this year, despite being a Mets castoff.  In other news, we get to use the DH tonight!  Maybe some extra ABs for Corey Hart?  A boy (me, though maybe Corey, too) can dream...

Be sure to check out the excellent Royals blog Royals Review.  You don't get credit around here just for showing up, but a Royals blogger does get points for simply not giving up baseball. Will does a lot better than that.

Go Brewers!