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6/25 Game Thread: Brewers (37-38) at Royals (23-50)

I'd rather not talk about last night's game.  Very nice outing from Geremi Gonzalez; otherwise, lots of pain.  We should be above .500 right now; as is, we're depending on Rick Helling to get us back to even.  If you'd like happier thoughts, read about last night's game in West Virginia.

Today Helling pitches again Mark Redman (4-4, 5.95), who has strung together four wins in a row.  His last outing was a luckjob, but his two before that were each 8 IP and 3 or fewer runs.  He wasn't exactly dominating--only 4 K's in the better of those two outings--so it seems reasonable to expect that the Crew can tee off this afternoon.

Go Brewers!