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6/26 Game Thread: Brewers (37-39) at Cubs (28-46)

Chris Capuano (8-4, 3.33, Future NL All-Star) vs. Greg Maddux (7-7, 4.83, Future Hall of Famer).

Right below this entry, you'll find a thriving discussion of the fate of Carlos Lee.  This series will surely help Doug Melvin decide where to go from here.  It seems doable for the Crew to take 3 out of 4, but it also seemed doable for the Crew to sweep the lowly Royals.

I'm posting this early because I'm off to see Evan Longoria and the Hudson Valley Renegades play the Brooklyn Cyclones.  Maybe since I watched every pitch of the Kansas City series, it's best for everyone that I ignore the game tonight.

Go Brewers!