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MLSD update

Minor League Splits are now up to date through games of June 23rd for all full-season leagues plus the Venezuelan Summer League.

Oddly enough, for the first time in a month or so, something happened in a game that my program wasn't prepared to parse and couldn't even work around.  In the 6-23 Kane County Cougars game, an injury led to the DH switching to shortstop and the pitcher entering the batting lineup.  One of the trickier parts (for me to write, anyway) of my parsing program keeps a record of the current batting lineup and fielding alignment for each team at all times.  The program handled the DH-SS move just fine, but since the play-by-play log didn't say anything about the pitcher moving to a certain spot in the order, it didn't know what was going on when someone pinch-hit for the pitcher.  Since the pitcher wasn't included in the current batting lineup, I got an error message, cursed a lot until I figured it out, and did a decidedly slapdash job of fixing it.