Fan's Guide to Miller Park

My buddy Martin over at Talking Chop has put together a GREAT new feature at his site: A Fan's Guide to Turner Field.  Let's do the same for Miller Park!  Basically, imagine you've got a buddy coming in to see a game, he's never been to Miller Park before, and for some horrible reason, you can't go along.  What do you tell him?

Since I live in NYC, I don't get to very many games, so I'm much less of an expert than a whole lot of you, especially since I haven't seen a Brewers home game since 2004.  (Ack!)  Here are some of the topics Martin covered that I'd love for some of you to chime in on:

  • Getting there / getting out times, best ways, etc.

  • When do gates open?  When, usually, is each team's batting practice?

  • Best seats for cheap...etc.

  • What food is worth buying at the park?  How much does it cost?...what can you take in with you?

  • What attractions within the park are worth seeing?
  • You get the idea.  Any/all contributions are very much appreciated!

    When we get a whole bunch of feedback here, I'll put it all together into a page like the one at Talking Chop.