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Whoa baby

This time they're serious. According to Rotoworld, and have been added to the 40-man roster and called up to Milwaukee. It's not clear what this means yet, especially since Ned has made it clear that is starting Saturday. My guess: Jackson replaces Eveland, and Simpson replaces...gosh, I don't know, ? If Brewerdom were a pure meritocracy, would be headed to join forces with Wes Obermueller in Japan, but I would imagine Kolb stays and Mabeus or goes.

This is getting ridiculous.

Update [2006-6-3 1:39:14 by Jeff]: And there's the news...following that same link, Eveland and Mabeus go. So I guess Jackson has been called up as an emergency middle man for the next few days and probable starter in four days. Meanwhile, Dan Kolb will continue to give up lots of runs despite looking scary.

It may be a couple minutes later, but it's still ridiculous.

Update [2006-6-3 1:46:21 by Jeff]: As I live-blog my reactions to this, I kind of wish I were inebriated. Then things might start to make sense. At least I'd feel almost as crappy as Ned Yost when I woke up tomorrow. Here's the official story from, with a paragraph that I think sums up just how bizarre this decision-making process has become:

Joining him in Nashville is right-handed reliever Chris Mabeus, who was assigned outright to Nashville. He is scheduled to be in uniform for Nashville for Saturday night's game vs. Iowa. In his one appearance for the Brewers this season, Mabeus pitched 1 2/3 innings and surrendered four runs on May 29 against Pittsburgh.
I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to have gotten such a good look at Mabeus. No doubt Allan Simpson will join the ranks of those Brewers middle-relievers who pitch every fourth day and give up three runs every two innings.

Apparently Mabeus could be "assigned outright" to Triple-A, maybe because nobody else claimed him off waivers a few weeks back. So I guess he's off the 40-man, though Eveland stays on. moves to the 60-day DL, which opens up a spot on the 40-man for pitcher number...what, 23? 24, counting Jackson?

Just remember, Chris Barnwell is next in line for the shortstop job if is incapacitated, and he can also pitch. Think about that.

Update [2006-6-3 1:48:25 by Jeff]: Brooks Kieschnick, WHERE ARE YOU?

Update [2006-6-3 1:49:43 by Jeff]: I'm guessing he's at home in Texas. Which is quite a coincidence, since I'll be in Texas next week. I should have some free time while I'm there. Mr. Melvin, if you'd like me to visit Brooks and make a formal contract offer, I'd be happy to.

Update [2006-6-3 1:51:13 by battlekow]: I actually am inebriated, and it doesn't help at all, Jeff.

Update [2006-6-3 1:52:21 by Jeff]: If anybody around here would sell me any, I'd probably give it a try. Then again, if I need to drown my sorrows just because Chris Mabeus has been demoted, psychological counseling may be in order.

Update [2006-6-3 1:53:51 by battlekow]: The Brewers might as well move to Baraboo because this is a f'ing circus.

Update [2006-6-3 1:55:53 by Jeff]: But doesn't Baraboo already have an amateur team? I don't know if that market could support two...

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