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6/30 Game Thread: Brewers (40-40) at Twins (42-35)

About a month ago, this stretch of games--Royals, Cubbies, Twins, Cubbies again--looked like one big opportunity to make a run.  Now, the Twins look like they actually belong in the same division as the Tigers and the White Sox.  Winning 16 out of 17 will do that.  The Crew just barely hung in there to take 3 of 4 from one of the weakest teams in baseball; a series win here would be huge--and it would put us over .500.

Tonight Carlos Villanueva gets the nod against Brad Radke.  Radke's stats--5.40 ERA, 1.65 WHIP--look awful, but that's due to a dreadful start.  Since May 29th, he's made six starts, giving up more than two earned runs only once.  Villanueva, of course, has been surprisingly solid for a Double-A callup, but I can only hope that tonight isn't the night that "the league catches up with him."

Also in the starting lineup this evening is Chris Barnwell.  I like Chris and I'm all for having him on the team until JJ Hardy gets back, but batting second with Hall on the bench?  Hmm.

Go Brewers!